Patient Solutions

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Often we find patients may have forgotten how to setup the equipment once they have been discharged from the facility. We are working to create a series of helpful video content on our You Tube page which we have shared below. We hope that the videos offer assistance whether it is your first time using it or you may be experiencing technical issues.

If you still require assistance; Medicos offers 24/7 service by calling our office at (972) 494-3334. No matter the time or situation we are willing to help our patients with any issues they may face. Please do not hesitate to call us.

What People Say About Us!

Every single person I talked to was fantastic! Hilary was knowledgeable and informative, Debbie was fabulous. Excellent customer care. This is how it’s done folks. Easiest time I’ve ever had ordering and receiving durable medical equipment. We will definitely be returning customers!!Thank you Medicos.

Misty R. – Facebook

Amazing company with amazing people!

Kevin W. – Facebook

Debbie Penny was unbelievable in customer service. Lovely pleasant outgoing personality, very willing to help as needed! She is a great employee and excellent front person for the company!

Peggy H. – Facebook